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Monday, September 22, 2014

Astonishing Watermelon Carvings to Take your Breath Away

Watermelon Carving Art

Sometimes you come across an ornate wood carving and you marvel at the detail, but this is taking art to another level. Here using food to create an art form has come a long way from carving out a horror face on a pumpkin for Halloween. In fact this is so detached from those ghoulish faces you wonder if there is any connection whatsoever between the two forms. At first glance these watermelon carvings look almost too perfect so it is hard to imagine they are 100% natural with no additional paints or dyes to enhance the effect. On looking closely at this marvelous array of watermelon carvings, one thing becomes very apparent. These skills on display have clearly been honed over a long period of time and doubtless on many thousands of watermelons.

It is impossible to pick a favorite from the selection of sculptures when the themes and levels of creative imagination are so diverse. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to have any of these sculptures as a centerpiece to any party-food arrangement or even a wedding buffet? It seems that these watermelon sculptors can create anything they want, so we reckon all you would need to do is ask. To us, what makes these sculptures so amazing is the remarkable amount of detail that has been included. This is no more obvious than in the sculpture of the red roses set within the heart and magnificently ornate body beneath it.

We also adore the many faces, from indigenous Indians to a smiling gargoyle, but the stunning floral designs are so different and imaginative they will always steal the show. The burning question though is what happens afterwards? Do they get eaten? They look too beautiful to eat, but they won’t last forever…..what a dilemma!

Source: stylisheve