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Monday, August 19, 2013

Download iOS 7 Wallpaper for iPhone and iPad


Apple iOS 7 Wallpaper

Download For iPhone and iPad

1- Wallpaper of the week: Mavericks redesign and Dark Sky

iOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Running through week seven with the Wallpapers of the Week section, I continue to enjoy putting together these posts for our readers. Looking at the submissions and cruising around looking for more content is, easily, one of the most fun aspects of writing for iDB.
We hope you are enjoying the posts as much as we do. It is a reader driven post series and today’s walls are no different. Inside you will find full device resolution versions of two walls, perfect for the translucent design of iOS 7. As you now know, we are in beta 6 and hoping to see a GM release around the rumored September 10 iPhone announcement. Take a look inside for the downloads…
The featured artist this week is Steve Portas who submitted his two versions below. The first is a redesign of the OS X Mavericks wallpaper, both for desktop and iOS devices. Secondly, his creation, Dark Sky, which is also a blue-green abstract image. The abstract images are cropping up more and more due to the anticipated opaque system layers in iOS 7.
To keep up with more of Steve’s work, visit his personal website, or check him on Twitter @satropuk. For a little sneak peak, Steve is working on a new Winterboard theme, Satcon, which he hopes to release shortly.
iOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevicesiOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevices

Mavericks redesign
Dark Sky
Downloading the goods
To download individual wallpapers, tap on the desired device above. Once the full resolution image loads, tap and hold on the image. Then, save a copy, which is accessible in your Camera Roll via or the On a desktop, load the full image and rick-click save to your photo sync folder with iTunes.

If you are looking to have your images considered for our weekly post, you are a tweet or email away from the process. To submit via twitter, tweet me an image link to @jim_gresham. Email is just as simple, by embedding the image in an email to Each week I receive submissions and you could be the next featured artist!

2- Wallpaper of the week: Vivid fresh retina fruit

iOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevices

It is starting to become a tradition at this point instead of a new post series. We are celebrating six weeks of Wallpapers of the Week and, as you guessed it, we are still going strong with submissions coming in each week.
I read through all of the comments each week and try to appease different suggestions moving forward. Some people still comment about the lack of a specific resolution. Listen up, not all artists create wallpapers for each device. We are at their mercy. Often, it is only possible to find a quality image for one device. However, this week we are in luck, again.
Thanks to Marie Sturges, the line up this weekend includes stunning photograph wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop…
A portrait artist at heart, Marie Sturges, takes excellent photographs, which she displays on her homepage and Deviant Art gallery. In between portraits, she spends time dabbling in iOS wallpapers. This weekend, I chose to highlight her raspberry and blueberry wallpaper photographs in honor of the fading summer months. They are excellent on a Retina screen, as you can tell from the photographs.
To keep up with Marie, check out her artwork sites or follow her on twitter @mariesturges.

iOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevicesiOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevices

Raspberry (ZIP)
Blueberry (ZIP)
Downloading basics
If you are on a desktop, the easiest option is to download the ZIP file, which includes all of the versions in one easy to use file. As a quick note, the Raspberry ZIP has a compressed desktop version due to file size restrictions. To download the full version, pull it from Marie’s site with this direct link.
For those on iOS devices, click the image you would like to download and your corresponding link. The image will appear in full resolution. Tap and hold until you can save the image. Once saved, head to Settings > Wallpapers > and find the newly saved picture.
Your walls on iDB
Of course, this section would not be possible without talented readers. If you have images, photographs, or scratch created digital art, we want to see it. To get your information over to me, the easiest way is to either tweet @jim_gresham or embed your images in an email and send them over to Each week I receive more wallpapers for consideration and post the best for your enjoyment.
What do you think about the section? Are real photographs preferred to digitally created art and patterns?

3- Wallpaper of the week: Flat pastels honoring Steve Jobs

iOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevices

Round five on the Wallpapers of the Week section and we are loving the submissions from our fan base. The response is excellent and we are happy to keep fulfilling the readers’ requests for more. Thanks to you, we will be keeping the section as long as we keep finding amazing wallpapers.
With the upcoming iPhone 5S and 5C, including the potential for a retina iPad mini, there may be big changes with the resolutions of our line up. Until then we will be providing two wallpapers for at least one device. Many of you ask, why not include all resolutions each week. The answer, many artists only create wallpapers for one device. However, whenever we happen to run across an excellent wallpaper with full resolutions, we are happy to include them.
This is one of those weeks. Thanks to @Frenchitouch, the line up includes a beautiful array of pastel colors with the unofficial Steve Job’s tribute logo. And for the full device thirsty readers, Frenchitouch provides all colors for iPhone 5, 4/S, iPad retina and desktop resolutions…
It is not often one finds a complete suite like the AppleStick collection we are presenting today. These simple and attractive pastel wallpapers are designed in blue, gray, green, purple, red, and yellow for iPhone, iPad and desktop. Because of the variety and device options, we are looking at 24 total wallpapers. To make things easy, a ZIP file is also posted. However, if you truly embrace the post-pc era, you will need to download each individual wallpaper on your device by tapping the desired color.
To see more goodies from @Frenchitouch, visit the Deviant Art gallery or bookmark the upcoming homepage.
iOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevices

iPhone 5 (ZIP)
iPhone 4/S (ZIP)
iPad retina or mini (ZIP)
Desktop (ZIP)
Includes blue, gray, green, purple, red, yellow (2563 x 1441)
Getting featured
Of course, the Wallpapers of the Week section would not be possible without talented digital artists. If you have a collection of excellent wallpapers or just one, please send it our way. That can include originally created digital images or excellent photographs. Please, send them to me via twitter @jim_gresham, or follow to keep up with the latest exchanges. If you prefer, embed your pictures in an email and send them to
Are you enjoying the wallpaper section? Any tips or leads?

4- Wallpaper of the week: Pastel purity perfect for iOS 7

iOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevices

As we are now posting the fourth wallpaper article in the new Wallpapers of the Week, I dare continue to proclaim it is a new post. One month in, we are going strong with the series, which has become a popular weekly installment on the site. Thanks to those of you that are participating by sending over your suggestions and personal work.
If you will allow, another brief explanation of the posts. I am curating two wallpapers each week for iOS devices. Many of you have questioned why we cannot provide multiple versions of the wallpapers we are posting. The easy answer, artists do not necessarily create multiple versions of their graphics. Our goal is to provide you with at least two options each week. If the artists provide multiple versions, rest assured, they will be available in the post and I’m certain you will enjoy this week’s additions…
Gathering more walls
Thank you again to those who have submitted wallpapers and graphics. I am keeping a running list in my inbox and Twitter submissions of many great graphics. Finding quality wallpapers is no walk in the park. Consequently, you can help provide content for the section by sending your files embedded in an email to or following and tweeting me @jim_gresham. I am keeping tabs on Twitter by favoriting submissions for later consideration and then tweeting users if or when their artwork is being utilized.
A few weeks ago we posted a wallpaper pack that included images we believe would look amazing on iOS 7 due to their color pattern and flat imagery. This week, we again spotlight two walls that will look great on Apples newest iOS. The walls below are courtesy of @jonnyb098, a Michigan-based graphic designer and photographer. To keep up with Jon, check out his personal website and gallery.

iOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPadiOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

To download the images, on your iPhone or iPod touch, tap the above preview image, which will load the full resolution. Tap and hold the full resolution and save to the Camera Roll. Head to Settings > Wallpapers > Camera Roll and select the appropriate image for your wallpaper. If using a desktop, view the full resolution image, right click, and save to your iTunes image sync folder.
How do you guys like the Wallpapers of the Week series one month in? Tweet us your walls once they are downloaded so we can take a look at your Home screens! @iDownloadBlog and @jim_gresham.

5- Wallpaper of the week: Flat toned and brilliant wallpapers

iOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevices

Third in the still new series on iDownloadBlog, many of our readers were asking for a section including wallpapers. It is sometimes difficult to find quality wallpapers on a regular basis and to assist you with fresh options, the “Wallpapers of the Week” section is now a running series on the site.
With three section posts behind us, I will take this last opportunity to give a brief explanation of the section and help set expectations for future posts. This weekly wallpaper section aims to provide two excellent options for your iOS device each week. I found, trying to locate 5 to 10 excellent wallpapers is difficult. We only want to provide you with quality selections, over quantity. Sometimes the wallpapers posted will come in various versions, but often artists only produce their design for one device. However, whenever possible, all versions will be linked. For example, today we are featuring artist AR7, a talented graphic artist hailing from Italy…
Keep them coming
Since we started the post, readers have been submitting their designs. I am archiving all of these communications and sorting through them each week for the best submissions. To help crowdsource this section, please send your work, or someone else’s, to me via twitter, @jim_gresham, or email If you send files via email, embed them in the body and always give credit to the artists, if known.
Getting down to it, the wallpapers this week are by graphic artist AR7, who designs app mock ups, Winterboard themes, and, most frequently, wallpapers for iOS devices. Often his work is minimalist, simple, and amazing. I typically find myself saving his wallpapers for use on my devices and I’m sure you will quickly become a fan too.
Today we are highlighting two of his newest designs, Brilliant Flat (left) and Summer Flat (right).

iOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPadiOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Brilliant Flat: iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 2
If you want to see all of AR7′s work, check out his tumblr and Deviant Art galleries and follow him on Twitter @AR72014.
If you want the images directly saved to your device’s Camera Roll, click on the images individually from the list above. When the image loads, tap and hold until a save option appears on your device. Save the image and then access them from Settings > Wallpapers > Camera Roll. Select the image and set as wallpaper. On desktops, right click and save the image to your iTunes image sync folder.
With week three now completed, thank you for all the feedback and submissions! For direct feedback feel free to follow and tweet @jim_gresham. Also, let us know what you are thinking about the new section in the comments below by starting conversation.

6- Wallpaper of the week: iOS 7 Photo app icon-inspired wallpapers

iOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevices

The second in a new series, we are answering the call of our dedicated iDB readers. The “Wallpapers of the Week” section is posting, you guessed it, every week to satiate the thirst for fresh wallpapers on a regular basis. We had a great response to last week’s post, which featured photographer @Solefield.
To re-explain, the section will feature two images per week for a specific iOS device. Finding quality images that are formatted for all devices is quite rare and we would rather provide two excellent choices each week than cram in some less desirable options…
Get involved
Helping the cause is always appreciated. After all, scouring the internet for quality wallpapers can take hours. This is where you guys can help the most. There are a lot of folks out there with excellent talents for wallpapers and we want you to crowdsource this project with your images, photos, and beautiful designs. A celebration of our readers, if you will.
Last week, I received more than a dozen tips for wallpapers and I invite you to keep them coming. The easiest way to submit an image for the feature is shooting me an email with your image embedded. You can send that over to Second, find me on Twitter @jim_gresham for sharing your work or just keeping in touch.
With all business aside, this week I feature graphic artist @DazCoates. Darren used the iOS 7 icon as his inspiration for “Colourwall,” which is listed below. Thankfully, he produced walls for both iPhone 5 and the mini. The first version centers the color wheel, where variation two shifted slightly to the left.
UPDATE: After accepting requests from the comments below, the article is now updated with iPad retina and desktop versions. Find them below.
UPDATE 2: Thanks to the artist, a full line of options is now available.
iOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPadiOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

iPad retina: Variation 1, Variation 2
If you are interested in more of his work, visit Darren’s dribbble account or Deviant Art gallery.
On your device, tap the corresponding link for direction to the full resolution image. Tap and hold the picture and save to your Camera Roll. Navigate to the wallpaper section in and select the desired variation. On a desktop, right click and save the full resolution image to your iTunes image sync folder.
Moving into week two, we are still beta testing this weekly feature and are adjusting as we receive feedback. Please keep your comments flowing in the comment section below.

7- Wallpaper of the week: Beautiful naturescapes by Solefield

iOS 7 Wallpapers for All iDevices

Wallpapers are of great interest to our readership. We came to this conclusion after posting several wallpaper articles over the past few months, including the wildly popular Evasi0n walls I created for the jailbreak launch. You, the readers, have contacted us through various channels asking for a specific and reoccurring section of iDB that will feature wallpapers for all iOS devices.
This post is a first in a weekly series, which is in direct response to those correspondences and, as the curator, I hope you enjoy this new feature. Being the first dedicated post, I will levy some expectations and concerns…
First, the “Wallpapers of the Week” section will feature two images each week, both of which will be dedicated to a specific device. Therefore, the walls will either be for iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini. It is very rare and difficult to find  a quality image that is formatted for each device individually. Consequently, the images will be for the advertised device only. However, if I come across an image that includes all device formats, trust that the download links will be made available to you.
Second, each post will include only two images because finding quality images on a weekly basis is limiting. iDB would rather limit the amount for quality control purposes. We prefer to provide quality images on a regular basis than include 5 to 10 walls in a weekly, with only several being decent options.
How you can participate
This is where you come in! I will be curating the section and will take input from readers. We know there are a lot of talented graphic artists that read our blog and I encourage you to participate! If you would like to submit your suggestions or original wallpapers, please email me directly or find me on Twitter @jim_gresham. Please be specific about the artist, if you know that information. Did you create the image or do you know who did? Did you modify another artist’s work? At all possible points, we will try to ensure credit is given where due.
Without further ado, the first wallpapers are for iPhone 5. The two following images are adaptations of Solefield‘s Summerscapes 2 Wallpaper pack. To keep up with her work, visit her Deviant Art gallery or personal webpage.

iOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPadiOS 7 Wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Download instructions
On your iPhone or iPod touch, tap the individual thumbnails to reveal the full resolution image. Tap and hold the full image and save to Camera Roll. Then, open & Wallpaper/Wallpaper/Camera Roll. Locate the image and the “Set” as either a Lock screen or Home screen image. From a desktop, view the full resolution image and save it to the sync folder that is set in iTunes.
What do you think? What do you hope to see in the new section on iDB?

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